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Stevie T - The Voice Of Bunni Boo!

This month Stevie has been very busy working on an exciting up and coming children's book called Bunni Boo! Hektor the creator of Bunni Boo reached out to Stevie and asked him to provide the 'voice' for his audio book!

Hektor was over the moon with Stevie's work, here's a lovely message from him... "Good evening, Stevie. Hope everything is well and you and your loved ones are keeping safe. You, my friend, have knocked the narration out the park! It is perfect! I am not worthy 🙌 It sounds and feels so timeless... so snuggly, so charming, so 'night-night!' hehe And you put so much heart into it 😍 Is like a classic Disney narration 🤤 Oh, I'm blushing - is so great! Thank you so much, Stevie. Not only for your time, your patience and your extra care, but also for the care and love you exuded towards the story and the project. I am forever grateful 😌🙏 Your name as narrator was important to me that it be in the audio, for I want the whole world to know of your very special talent when the audiobook is released in the near future. I will definitely let you know when it has come out. I will write a wonderful review for you on your profile - promise! I hope we can stay friends. And I hope you can read more Bunni Boo soon. I can't hear any of it in anybody else's voice but yours. You and your loved ones stay safe."

Stevie had great fun recording for this project and when Bunni Boo is released for the public, this will be featured on Stevie's social media platforms! Keep your eyes peeled!

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