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Who Done it? 'Suspects'

During the coronavirus lock down Stevie worked on a collaboration with film maker Colin Hives, playing the part of a detective in the comedy 'Who Done it? Suspects' - which was broadcast on various social media platforms.

Only ONE person knows who killed James Trent and he's just written “Only ONE person knows who killed James Trent” and I ain't going to help these, so called, detectives. So you are going to have to. They need a few questions to be asked for the next session. Now there are many ways to ask a question. Below, a PM, a PM to one of our detectives, or....... and this is the fun part.... Film it on your phone, send it and be added to the next instalment. Those who ask questions we use will get a credit in the film. All mad, crazy, stupid fun. Also..... Join the poll and make them sweat. Enjoy Starring Jen Cartwright, Stevie T Turner, Chase Johnston-Lynch, Emma J Hind, Joanne L Sartorius Dale, Joanne Adams, Sharon Spink, Michelle Parker, Lisa Worth, Merv Jones, John Currie, Paul Taylor, Elaine Hames, Kai Jolley, Mark Porter, Ria Brown , Tayah Kansik, Keddy Sutton, Ian Rigby, Janice Fryett

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