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Stevie T to appear on Bargain Hunt

In between delivering the 'Mop Top Tours - Beatles Liverpool Tours', I've managed to squeeze in an appearance on the BBC programme 'Bargain Hunt' I've always been a fan of this programme and when they asked last year for people from the North West of England to apply to be on the show I thought 'why not?' I asked Mrs T to be my partner, who, in no uncertain terms, declined my invitation! She suggested I ask my ol pal Bill Smith (who just happens to be the sole surviving founder member of The Quarrymen - the group that became The Beatles!) and before we know it we are in front of the cameras in our 'Bargain Hunt' fleeces! It's been a wonderful time from start to finish and, if nothing else has at least given me some experience of working 'on set' in front of cameras, and working with a Director We'll be on your TV screens later this year - I'll keep you posted!

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